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Max I adopted Max a little over a year ago and every day has been such a joy to have him. He is loving, playful, smart, and just a great companion. Everybody that meets him falls in love with him. Thank you for helping me find my BFF/best furry friend.


Hank We knew that we wanted to adopt a dog, we just did not expect it to happen so soon. We visited an AFEW adoption day and fell in love with Hank (Cooper) as soon as we saw him. The girls were so sad that we could not take him home the same day. We filled the house with toys, all which he has destroyed, beds and treats as we waited to bring him home. I was hesitant and anxious about bringing home such a large, strong breed to a 2 and 5 year old. Well I could not be happier. Hank has filled a void in our family. He provides us with unconditional love and security. He patrols the halls every night until the girls are in bed. He cannot rest until he knows everyone is safe. Hank is more than we could have hoped for and look forward to watching him grow with our family.


Mikey Mikey is a sweet, loving and very well behaved boy. He and I started bonding quickly. Mikey loves to fetch his tennis ball and returns it to you by poking it with his nose. He is very accurate!! Mikey likes to go for car rides and look out his window to see what's going by and where we are. He likes to give lots of kisses and snooze on my lap. He is very laid back and patient. Everyone we meet falls in love with him and can't believe how well behaved he is. I hit the jackpot with Mikey. Thank you AFEW for making this possible for me!

Maggie Mae - Home at last!

Maggie Mae Here is Maggie with her new family. It took her a long time to find them and they her. Maggie came into the Hamilton Animal Shelter on December 2, 2010 and was number #224-10. Maggie, a Sharpei/Staffi mix, was one of the sweetest girls AFEW has had the pleasure to work with. AFEW pulled her out of the shelter on August 6, 2011 and boarded her until she was adopted on March 17, 2012 by a wonderful family!

The morning of St. PETricks Day, one of our members said a special prayer to St. Patrick to help her find her home and it worked. It started out "St. Patrick, even though I am a Jewish girl praying to you, please help Maggie find her home." That morning a woman and her 3 children walked up to me and asked where Maggie was. They were there to adopt her! They had no other pets and just wanted Maggie! Prayers were answered that day and many happy tears were shed.


Coco We adopted Coco last September and she quickly became an integral part of our family. Coco is a 5 year-old Beagle-Border Collie mix with lots of energy and natural athletic ability. She loves to run after her ball until she is completely exhausted. In the evenings after dinner she loves to play with "Dad" and her toys and she can't get enough rough-housing. Then she crashes next to "Mom" and snuggles on the sofa.

When we first brought Coco home she was well behaved but wanted to be the pack leader on the leash. She did not like other dogs very much in passing, often lunging in their direction if they approached too closely. She also barked and was unsettled when strangers entered our home on a visit. We have spent time training her and brought in a professional trainer for a few sessions and Coco has taken exceptionally well to the lessons. She is now very controlled on the leash either walking calmly at your side or slightly following. She is also very good at following voice commands to "stay", "come", "sit", etc. She now usually ignores other dogs even if they approach her aggressively and rarely barks on any occasion. She also has become very outgoing and friendly to strangers she meets on her walks to the point of being "Miss Congeniality". Coco still has some difficulty socializing at the dog park when there are a several rowdy juvenile dogs getting in her face. But she is doing fine among calmer mature dogs. She works very hard to please us and loves to be praised for doing a good job.

We must thank AFEW for fostering Coco until we found her and made her a member of our family. She was loved and well-cared for by her AFEW foster family and received important training that gave her a chance to find a permanent home. We are very grateful for having Coco and love her very much. She has added a lot of joy to our household and she will always be loved and cared for as an essential member of our family.


Brady Brady is a sweet PIt bull mix that we met at Cornercopia two weeks ago. I first saw him on Petfinder, and thought he could be a perfect companion for our older Springer Spaniel, Zoey, who lost her Mother and companion in April. Well Brady is deaf, but we were able to overlook that, because Zoey's Mom , Desi, became deaf in her later years. We are able to deal with that just fine. The meeting that Sat. morning was a success. Brady and Zoey got along, and although he has a lot of energy, we knew right away he was a loving dog, and we could love him. In the two weeks since we have had Brady in our home, it has all turned out to be true. Deanna, who was Brady's handler didi a great job of training Brady on hand signals, and has even visited our home afterward to help train us to train him. We are totally in love with Brady and want to thank the people at AFEW for their help , kindness, and all the great work they do for homeless animals in our area.


Scooter Just thought you would like to see some pictures of our Scooter. He is doing very well and we love him a lot even though he is a yapper. But that's my fault because I spoil him. He has gone to the groomer about 3 times already and each time gets a little better or should I say easier to work with. He goes to doggie day care (The Barker Lounge in Roselle) one day a week so he can play with the other dogs. They tell me he has lots and lots of energy and never stops or slows down just goes, goes all day long, but I knew that already. We just finished out 5th training class. He knows sit and stay and down and come. We're still working on quiet, but something tells me he will never get that one. He did lose one of the double teeth he had and we are hopeing that the other one falls out soon. He still is really good about spending the night in his crate and when we say nighty night he goes right in. He loves to play and would all day and night if we let him. He weighs 11 pounds now, that must be from all of the training treats. He is crazy and just a ball of energy and we all love him to pieces.

It's Tango Time

ReddyWanted to reach out to you with new pictures of Tango. He now weighs 2 lbs. 10 oz. He's a good lil fellow. Learns really quick. He knows "come" , "sit" and sometimes "lay-down". He is a cuddler. Loves to be held. We introduced him to my Mom's dog over the weekend. He did really well and was quite social.

He sleeps through the night and he is potty trained to go into the wood pellets. He's eating IAMS. Quarter cup in the morning and quarter cup at night. He's been a wonderful addition to our family. Will send you pictures soon!

Reddy - a real hero

ReddyIn March 2008 we welcomed Reddy into our home. He was Tony's birthday present. We nicknamed him "Fraidy Cat" because whenever the doorbell rings he hides behind the sofa or under the bed. It takes him a while to warm up to strangers in his house. From day one he let me know that my spot on the couch was now his. Overtime he has made other changes to my life, like sharing my morning yogurt, a glass of water and even a ham and cheese sandwich.

That September, after we returned for a 12 day vacation, he moved himself from his bed outside our bedroom door to our bed for the night. He quickly decided that my side of the bed was to be shared with him.

His morning routine is to go downstairs around 5:30/6:00 am to have breakfast with Tony and then return upstairs to have an hour or so nap with me. He will climb on me and purr in my ear if he feels I have overslept or his bowl is empty. As to his wanting more room, about 80 percent of the bed is fine, even at night.

In December 2009, I was to learn how strongly we had bonded. We had been away for about two weeks. Upon our return the hectic pace of the holidays went into high gear as many plans were going to change for one reason or another. One week after having returned, I commented to my husband that I couldn't seem to shake the jetlag and was extremely tired so he shouldn't wake me up for three days. The next morning he and Reddy went downstairs for breakfast. Reddy returned upstairs and jumped up on the bed. He started to snuggle into me, but suddenly hopped up on my chest and started jumping as if it was a trampoline. When I sat up to push him off, the chest pain hit. We quickly realized I was having a heart attack. He was with me until Rescue arrived when he promptly bounced to the floor and under the bed.

I have told this story to many friends and acquaintances. One person told me that she is an epileptic and her cat starts to huddle around her when a seizure is coming. Pets are remarkable and will be there in your time of need.

Jason Lantier, a 16 year old who gives his heart and weekends to the animals!

JasonJason has been a member of Animal Friends for Education & Welfare for 2 years. He works hard at what he loves to do training and socializing dogs and helping Animal Friends for Education & Welfare (A.F.E.W.) with many other events.

Jason always brings a smile and helps with all the tasks a good rescue person does. He works with the s/n van that A.F.E.W. brings into the Hamilton Animal Shelter, he helps out with special events like Haldeman Ford's St. Petrick's Day, Bless the Beasts and the Children, and numerous other events..

But Jason's special gift is working with the dogs: his first dog was Frankie, an American Bulldog/Staffordshire mix that was picked up as a stray on January 7, 2010. Frankie has one blue eye and one brown eye and is mostly white in color. Jason worked with him teaching him how walk on a leash, sit, and take treats gently. Frankie was adopted on February 26, 2010 by Brian and Brandy Novak.

Jason's next project was an American Bulldog/Staffordshire mix who looked just like Frankie. He was mostly white with one blue and one brown eye. Jason named him Cody. Cody was picked up as a stray on May 14, 2010 and Cody was born deaf. Jason took the initiative to research the internet on how to train a deaf dog. He learned the hand signals and worked with Cody for almost a year. Quite a dedication for a teenager.

Cody is smart and learned, through hand signals, how to sit, roll over, lie down, and wait. He learned how to have a gentle mouth when taking treats, and how to live with cats. After almost a year of working together, Cody was adopted on March 5, 2011 by Bill and Michelle Buhler and their Rottweiler Molson. This was pretty hard on Jason, because as most rescue people do, he got attached to him, but he loved him enough to let him go to wonderful home. Without Jason's help, Cody might not have found that home the Buhler's said that is part of what drew them to Cody, that he was so well behaved and calm.

Jason has begun working with a new shelter dog teaching him what he needs to know for him to find his forever home.

The rescue cycle continues for both Jason and another dog in need.


FrankieAs kids, we both always had a pet in the house whether it be a dog, cat, hamster or fish. We always knew we would get a dog eventually but the timing had to be just right. We already had a housecat, Grey One, and he pretty much ran the house. We must have driven past A.F.E.W. hundreds of times without really knowing what it was all about. One day, it caught our eye and we thought it would be nice to do something to help them so we decided to donate a bag of cat food. Brian went to drop the cat food off one Saturday morning and Marilyn told him where he could put the bag, sitting right next to the donation spot was a little white dog. Brian stopped to pet him and left. As soon as he got home, he told me all about this adorable white dog he met and how sweet he was. We talked about how much we would love to have a dog but weren't sure if this dog would work for us. The next day, Brian went online to A.F.E.W's website and right there on the home page was the little white dog! Brian showed me the picture and instantly I knew that dog was meant to be ours. Frankie was his name. Marilyn named him Frankie because he has one brown eye and one blue eye and that beautiful blue eye made her think of the original "Old Blue Eyes" Frank Sinatra. Brian is a huge Sinatra fan! We talked about it a little more but again were unsure of how to make it work. We knew that we could give him all the love in the world but wasn't sure how he would react to the cat. Since adoption days are every Saturday we sent an email to A.F.E.W to see if Frankie would be at adoption day the following week and were thrilled to find out he was! That week seemed so long! We were already talking about this dog as if he were already ours. Adoption Day came and we headed over to see him so I could finally meet him! Jason, who works at A.F.E.W, took Frankie outside with us so we could spend some time with him and see if he were the dog for us. He was such a sweet and loving boy! Frankie was found on the streets of Hamilton, homeless and hungry. He was so skinny. Since being at the shelter and with A.F.E.W he had gained some weight and was doing great. We also found out that he got along just fine with cats! We hung out with Frankie for a little while and then it was time to go. We were so sad to leave him knowing that he had to go back to the animal shelter. As soon as we got home, the wheels started to turn. We weren't looking for a dog, but a dog found us. He needed us and deep down we knew we needed him too. We contacted A.F.E.W and started the adoption process. We were so excited when Marilyn let us know that Frankie was ours. Since Frankie was staying at the animal shelter we had the choice of going to get him there or waiting for adoption day. We decided to pick him up from the shelter because we didn't want him staying there longer than he needed to. He had a family now and needed to come home. Friday, February 26th was the day! When we woke up that morning, it was snowing. The shelter called and said they were closing early for the weather but we had about an hour or so to get there. We jumped in the car and off we went. We got to the shelter minutes before they were going to close! There was some paperwork to fill out and out came Frankie! We took him over to meet his new grandparents straight from the shelter. He was so excited, he ran in and jumped right on the couch! Nothing like making himself at home.

We've had Frankie for just about 12 months now and love everyday with him. He loves his cat brother and they play all the time. He loves the dog park too. It gives him lots of room to run around and frolic with the other dogs. He has a few friends at the park, one is a Norwalk Terrier and smaller than a cat! They are really fun to watch. We take Frankie just about everywhere we go and he especially likes his weekly visits to his grandparents house because he gets to see his whole family. He went on his first vacation in July and his cousin dog Herb showed him how to swim. He is the sweetest dog and loves everyone. He thinks that every dog wants to play with him. He loves to cuddle and thinks he is a lap dog, even though he weighs 55 pounds. He loves going on walks and sometimes likes to pull but we are working on that. We just moved into a house with a big yard and lots of room to play. We cannot thank Marilyn and her team at A.F.E.W enough for the joy that Frankie has brought to us. We knew adopting him would change his life for the better but really had no idea just how much he would change us.


BailyAll right, I'll just come right out and say it -- I've become one of those annoying people who, if encouraged in even the smallest way, spend a good part of any conversation talking about my dog. If you read my recent post, "The Liberating Poetics of Low Expectations," this probably comes as no surprise. Dogs have been on my mind a good deal lately, and My Best Beloved, The Kindest Man I Know, finally agreed that, even though he is stricken with allergies, we can have a dog. Enter Bailey, the Rescuepoo.

After my friends Lisa Pasold and Bremner Duthie came to visit with their dog, Barclay (which should, of course, be spelled Barkly), the urge to share my home and life with a dog, which had been a long time low-level nagging, felt suddenly URGENT. I'm not sure why, but I suspect it's a soul thing -- mysterious and hard to pin down, but no less real for all of that. I can't explain it. It just was. Although I've since heard a number of stories from people about how hard it was for them to find the right dog -- months of searching, filling out applications, meeting dogs, applying for adoption, being disappointed -- for The Best Beloved and me, once I'd seen Bailey's photo on the site, it was miraculously easy. He was being fostered with a wonderful family through an equally wonderful organization called AFEW (Animal Friends for Education and Welfare), not far from us. Did we want to meet him that Saturday at an adoption fair. You bet. He wore a little blue sweater and flipped over on his back, tail wagging, the minute we walked in. I'd brought a toy, which he accepted with glee. He licked My Best Beloved's hand. He'd had a hard time of it, rescued from a "kill shelter" somewhere down south, weighing only 10 lbs when he should have weighed 20 lbs -- he was a little skeleton -- so matted he'd been shaved a few weeks before (hence the sweater). Nobody knew where he'd come from or what had happened to him precisely. He was a bit skittish around some people, especially if they moved too fast over his head. I was told he'd probably been hit and was frightened. I asked if he could come home with us that afternoon for a home visit. He fell asleep in Ron's arms on the ride home. He's been with us ever since.

BailyA great deal has changed since that day a couple of months ago, but mostly what's changed is me. As a writer I spend a great deal of time alone. I like this. It's not that I actively dislike people (well, not ALL people), but like most writers, my temperament leans toward the solitary. I write novels, essays and short stories, some of which take me to rather dark and, dare I say, perilous emotional places. (I'd stop if I could, but I'm actually saner when I'm writing than when I not, so it's best for all concerned that I continue.) Also, as a recovered alcoholic, I have a 'natural' tendency to isolate, preferring to simmer in my own emotional stews. Then, too, like most of my family members, I have a history of depression, for which in the past I've been medicated. Whereas My Best Beloved is a glass-frothing-over-in-effervescent-excess-of-good-stuff kind of guy, I'm definitely an oh-look-I-think-that's-a-dreg-at-the-bottom-of-the-glass type of gal. In short, I've always thought of myself as moody, with a tendency to droop.

BailyOr at least I did. Recently, I have found it impossible to maintain moody droopiness when faced with a little fur-ball who believes my coming back into the room after a five minute absence warrants a celebration worthy of visiting royalty. He's my wee shadow. Sitting in a chair by the window, squirrel-spotting, as I write. Trotting after me from room to room. Lying on his blanket in the kitchen as I cook. Sitting on my lap like a little fur-covered hot water bottle as I read. Hopping up into bed with me in the morning, first to give kisses, and then to snuggle under the covers for a 15 minute cuddle to begin the day, and then repeating the process before he pops onto his own bed in our room at night. If I get caught up too long in dark thoughts I am interrupted (as though he knows I've taken a wrong turn) by the sound of a squeaky toy and the thump of his paw on my leg. Time for a walk. Time for play. Before Bailey, I feel like I'd forgotten about play. Even My Best Beloved remarks on how much happier I've been the past weeks. He's surprised, and so am I, frankly. I didn't realize how gray the world had felt. All that stuff you've heard about dog ownership is true, all those cliches ...the joy of a dog is contagious; dogs teach you about humility and gratitude; dogs make you go for walks, which is good for body and soul; dogs love you, even when you don't love yourself; dogs are nature's/God's clowns; dogs carry with them some sort of divine healing energy; dog teach us to live in the moment... all that stuff. I was supposed to be the one rescuing Bailey... but I'm quite sure he's rescued me, or at least we've rescued each other.

Dance of joy...


Bob loves to chase his tail, and when he catches it, he still spins round and round. He makes the cutest little noises when doing this. He always uses the cat scratcher and the litter box. He follows me around the house a lot thinking we are going to play. He is the only one of my cats NOT afraid of the vacuum. My other cats warmed up to him way faster than I expected. He is a joy and I am happy to have found him.


Hi ...just wanted to let you know how it is all going....GREAT....we LOVE her...she is the best dog!! So easy to be around...plays when you want her to and chills when you want her to!! She was so tired out over the weekend with our kids....I said I havent heard my kids laugh so much in so long. She is a real joy!! She is so easy in the car. First night she slept on the floor in our room..last night she slept in the bed at the at the bottom!!! We are so glad we waited for the perfect dog for us!!

Thanks so much, she is in good hands!!


So I know this has taken me quite a while to get around to, but I just had to send an email to thank you for saving our dog Chewy (you knew him as Goober) until we adopted him in December 2008. He has been such a great addition to our family!

We moved to North Carolina about a year ago for my husband's job and Chewy is definitely loving the warm weather. His favorite activities are sunbathing in the living room and snuggling on the couch with us. He has also found a fondness for hiking with me, when he gets tired of sleeping that is =) We also discovered a huge dog park down here that he loves going to every now and then to say hi to his buddies. Everyone that meets him loves his laid-back personality and "goober" face. I'm glad to report that he has come a long ways since you've seen him. When we first took him home he needed a lot of attention and had some serious abandonment issues, but a little over 2 years later he gets that we're not leaving him behind for good.

I can't thank you enough for saving him! Often times, dogs that "look" a certain way are written off as bad breeds or aggressive and are sent to shelters where they would rather not take a chance in helping a dog like Chewy. I get many compliments from all who meet him in how good a dog he is, and while I wish I could take full credit, I know that his first real opportunity came from you (not to mention his manners!) I've included some pictures of us which you can feel free to put up on your website along with any or all of this text. Hope all remains well!


Mandy is set to have her first Christmas with us. Since her adoption this past February she has become a major part of our lives and her personality continues to emerge. She loves her many toys, but does tend to destroy them quite quickly. During September, we decided to try taking her on the beach off leash. She loves going to the beach, although she was afraid of the sound of the waves. She has adjusted to the sound and will venture into the water. We bet she can't wait until the warm weather. Mandy has become well known around Asbury Park. She has many walks through town and uses her charm on everyone. One store owner has treats for her and she drags us to his door each time we pass by.

Following the loss of our last dog, the thought of a new addition wasn't so easy. We'd like to think the time was right and Mandy found us when we were ready. Interestingly, I started a new job this past July that has me driving past Corner Copia every day. Things do happen for a reason.

Thank you for connecting us with Mandy.


As you may remember, my husband and I adopted Prince back in February, 2010.

I just wanted to write and let you know that he is doing fantastic. He was very, very shy and scared up until about 2 months ago. He has since made leaps and bounds (literally) towards being more comfortable with us. He doesn't run away when we pet him, he eats from our hands and sleeps in bed with us and his brother, Oscar. His favorite place to sleep though is on the dining room chair by the window. He has also become very vocal and meows and purrs constantly. He doesn't let us pick him up, but cats are just that way sometimes and it's okay. We are so proud of him and love him so very much.


Dear Missy Lola,

We met you on adoption day at the Corner Copia with AFEW on Saturday, September 4, 2010 (on my birthday)!! You were the first dog we saw when we arrived. We had the intention of adopting a male dog because we both never had experience with a female dog before. We kind of fell in love with you from the first moment we laid eyes on you, but secretly we both never said anything to the other.

We continued to walk around the grounds looking at all your pals that were present that day and we asked lots of questions. After seeing all the dogs, we both knew we could not let other dog lovers take you home. You were OURS!!

We decided to foster you first because we wanted to make sure you were comfy at our home and also to make sure that you would like us as much as we liked you. Marilyn said that we could foster you before we decided to adopt you. Before we could take you with us, we had to have our references checked just to make sure that we were not like some bad people out there that just abandon their animals and leave them on the streets.

After getting the great news that we can foster you, we were ecstatic!! We went crazy trying to buy everything we saw at the pet shop for you and we went all over searching for the best and girly things for you. We found a collar and leash that was pink with gray polka dots on it just like your snout. We even purchase two beds for you; one for the second floor in the bedroom where you sleep with us and the other one for the first floor where you hang out most of the day when you are not following me around.

Well, overall we think you are a very special gal pal in our life now. You are mostly very well behaved and we were very shocked that you are house trained and you already knew a couple of tricks like sitting when told and also giving us a high five. We are still working on getting you to rollover and also for you not to climb or jump up on us.

We just wanted you to know that we are so proud that you are calmer now when you see squirrels. We were also very proud of you when we took you on a road trip to the big city called Philly; where you met a lot of new doggie friends and also a lot of new human friends of all sizes. Everyone thinks you are so pretty and cute!!

Ramon and I would love to thank AFEW, especially Marilyn, Kim, and Francis , for giving us a chance to love and take care of you and have you home with us permanently!!



I would like to reintroduce Paris Marin formally known as Mitsey. This girl has been with us for 4 weeks now and is fitting in just fine. Under all the fur we found a beautiful girl! She is a curious pup with her nose in everyone's business! She has been a doll at the vets and even better for her groomer! She is a little shy in social situations with people but loves other dogs! She has learned new tricks with amazing speed! She loves her toys, treats and walks and lets us know when she needs to go out. She can rassle and outrun a Philly Pit Bull but will lose the tug of war game with grace. She is gaining confidence in her new home and seems to love us as much as we adore her. Paris and I are going to go to obedience school ( for her, not me) and I think she is going to be a star pupil. She sure has brightened our lives. Thanks AFEW for the best gift ever given.


Hope all is well.. Just wanted to give you all an update on SHEP .. He is doing amazingly well.. He has gained almost 12 pounds at last weighin at the vets.. He is very well adjusted and is having a fabulous time.. I just wanted to say thanks again for helping us to get such a wonderful dog.. WE ALL LOVE HIM VERY MUCH (Including Jack the BOSTON)


The Jablecki family adopted Cisco at the end of September. He is part of our family and is doing well. Cisco loves to play outside, go for long walks in the woods at the back of our house and best of all loves his belly rubs. Cisco loves his crate and sleeps through the night. The best part is when Cisco is having a dream and he barks in his sleep.

Cisco is a happy and healthy dog. We all love him.


Was just hugging Bella, and I thought about you! Just wanted to tell you how thankful we are to have Bella ! She is my best buddy, and we ALL just love her to pieces! I work from home, and she is barking at me as we speak !! She likes to climb im my lap like she is a Yorkie, while I

Then I grab her. hug her, and pet her, and when I have to get back to work, she gives me a lot of lip, and barks, as if she is giving me a piece of her mind! She is my joy !!> Just wanted to check in with you, and let you know she is doing fantastic ! Hubby even got her to root for the Cowboys, I am attaching some pics.....

By the way, remember when you said the day we picked her up, she hated to go in a car..... well it is now one of her favorite pleasures :-) She also absolutely loves going to the local dog park !!! She runs and plays until she cant anymore, in a park full of about 20 dogs, ranging from a chiwawa(spelling???) to a Newfoundland..... she just LOVES to socialize !!! I can't find the email from the woman that handled the adoption, but if you would forward her this, I would appreciate it! Want her to know how great Bella is doing! Thanks again !!!!!! Take care! We even have video of her in a bath tub!!! She just loves a warm bath, and shampoo !!! Just like a woman!! lol


I have had Dexter almost a month now and it has been an exciting, challenging, and very rewarding few weeks. Considering I really didn't know much about the dog except for his personality from the couple times I met him, things have been going great. I am at work for almost nine hours a day, and he waits patiently for me in his fixed up apartment in the basement (no mess), and is always ecstatic when I get home. We go for a walk three or four times a day and he gets along with all the people (and most of the dogs) in the development I live in.

I was a little hesitant on owning a dog that was American Bulldog and "part pit-bull" per my local vet. When I told my parents what I had adopted they were instinctively biased toward the breed (as was I in the beginning), but then I did EXTENSIVE research and learned that these type of dogs make excellent pets.

Dexter looks a little intimidating to some people, but I believe that if the need were ever to arise, that it would in fact be me who had to protect him and not the other way around. My friends have walked into my house unannounced and Dexter just sits on the rug uninterested. He doesn't bark when I leave and he doesn't pull on the leash. He seems to be pretty intent on being a submissive dog, which is a blessing since I wouldn't really want to have to establish alpha position with a dog like him.

I would definitely recommend that people take adoption into consideration ESPECIALLY if they do not have the time to train and house break the dog. I also get the feeling that Dexter knows that he has another chance now, and I think he is doing a fine job of earning it.


Just a note to let you know things are going great with Miles. He is so lovable. He is very friendly to strangers and wants to be near us all the time. As soon as we touch him he starts to purr. He is getting used to our dog, Sherwood. We did what you said with the crate and he fussed a little but then calmed down. We don;t let them get to close to each other. Miles likes to put on a show for the dog just to let him know who is boss! It's like the cat is saying "boo" to the dog so the dog won't get any ideas about getting to close.


Henry became a part of our family in December 2008. From the moment he came home, we fell in love w/ him. Henry is a good boy who loves to give kisses and always wants to be by your side. He is very playful and will play catch w/ his toys all day long. When he first arrived, he didn't know many commands. But surprisingly, even though he is already 3 years old, he was easily trained. He quickly learned to come, stay, sit , and retrieve toys and sticks. He is also well behaved on and off leash. We could not have asked for a better companion. Everyone who meets him loves him. Our experience w/ Henry was so great that we recently adopted a brother for him, a 4 year old Cairn Terrier we named Stewie. Now our family is complete and we couldn't be happier. I encourage anyone looking for a pet to please consider rescue or shelter adoption before a breeder. These wonderful animals need loving homes. You never know, you may just find your best friend. We did.



Hopefully you remember me or at least my boy Truman. I adopted him from you about 6 1/2 years ago. I attached a couple of pictures of Truman. He is my Angel. We recently adopted a female Weimaraner from someone we knew. She needed a home and now Truman has a playmate. I just wanted to say thank you and what a great job that you and everyone at AFEW do. I try to refer people to your organization as much as possible.


Chrystal Justice

Justice (Purrbabyj) and Chrystal (Chrissy) are doing great! Chrissy is a super loving, sweet little girl who has a very quiet meow and loves to be cuddled under the covers and is totally content to have you pet her 24/7. Justice, on the other hand, controls the loving I give to him, as he has to have it on his terms. He's not an affectionate type of cat; he won't let you hold him or cuddle him. However, he needs constant attention on his terms and from the minute I walk into my front door, he is talking. He has a constant need to be "touching" any part of my body at all times or he will sit and cry until I allow him to crawl up next to me. The minute I hold out my hand for him to "walk into a pet", he starts pushing at my hand for petting, and then starts purring so very loudly (that's how he got his nickname Purrbabyj), bites my hand after about 3-4 minutes to tell me he has had enough, and then settles down next to me, takes his paw and touches my hand or arm (or lays down on one of them) and goes to sleep. Justice wakes me up (actually yells at me) whenever he has a bad dream because he needs a reasurring pet. He is a very vocal animal. He Yells (not a meow) and he waits for me to go to him to see what he wants (usually just needs to see me). He talks constantly. We carry on conversations constantly; my friends and neighbors think it is so funny. I love my babies and would not trade them for the world. I just wanted to update you. Thanks and good luck with all your families!



Tomorrow will be 1 month with Buddy aka Mischief aka Mister. I wanted to thank you both for the excellent work that you do. I am grateful that Van linked us together. I know that Joe and I were very concerned when we first spoke about Buddy and cats. Arlene you thought he would be good with cats. Marilyn your dog instincts are remarkable. (You both knew he would not be a problem.) He was curious of them but not too curious. Well needless to say I hope Buddy survives the cats not visa versa. I know my cats would take to him immediately and true to form within 24 hours they were circling him and walking under him. In one week he was running free amongst them all day long as long as he is attended. (I still crate him when I go to work. 2 days of week. He'll survive!) I have attached a couple of pictures of Buddy and his new family.

He is a quick learner. He understands: "Who wants to eat?" That is dinner bell in my house. He and the cat entourage run to the basement to get their food. That took all of about a day to learn. His appetite is incredible. He can easily eat 5 or 6 cups of food. He is a real chow hound. I limit him to 3 feedings of 41/2 to 5 cups a day, plus one can of wet a day. He does get some snacks when I train him and one Milkbone at night. The Milkbone gets saved for when he really is hungry.

I am going to get him professionally trained. He does act over protective in the house. He calms down as long as the person knows how to handle him. However, out on the street he is unflappable. We walk several miles a day. Anywhere from 2 to 6 miles on any given day. He loves his walks. He loves to play. He shreds most stuffed animals. I had a reindeer rope and stuffed animal which has now lasted a whole month with him. The squeaker still works it is missing a bow and an eye. However, it has survived the longest. The average being anywhere from 20 mins to 5 hours till time of total destruction. Luckily the reindeer is still around.

We both are very happy with him. Joe was not sure and worried that he would not adjust. Buddy proved him wrong. I myself believe that he is a big mush. He is constantly on his back looking for belly rubs. He watches the cats and tries to sit on my lap. I try to explain to him that a 70 pound lap dog just does not work.

Thank you both for all your help with introducing him to us. You made the experience so pleasant. I can tell that you are both so very concerned with the well being of the animals. Joe and I were going through a hard time with the death of our dog. We wanted to give an older dog a chance. We were full of reservations as to whether it would work. You both reassured us and promised assistance every step of the way. Luckily he Buddy is a good dog and I would recommend adopting an older dog to anyone. Hopefully, through your organization since you do such a good job of matching candidates.



Just wanted to give you a heads up on Tonya, now known as Whiskey, she is doing great!!! Whiskey is more then we hoped for in a new dog; she is completely house trained, heals when she walks and has shown no signs of aggression towards us or towards anyone else. She had her first check up yesterday and our Vet believes Whiskey is about 2 1/2 - 3 years young....which we were thrilled with!

Whiskey is a blessing to our family--we are so happy to have found her. Thank you for all your help!!!



I just wanted to express our gratitude to A.F.E.W. for all they've done with helping us find the perfect dog. We adopted Jolie on January 17th and she has been nothing short of perfection since joining our family. We named her Bailey for her beautiful Irish cream coat. She came to us house trained, leash trained, and crate trained and simply wants to be loved and petted. She enjoys long walks twice a day, laying in front of the fire place on her giant pillow, or playing fetch and tug of war. I also wanted to dispel a myth about pitbulls and pitbull mixes being mean or aggressive. Bailey is the most gentle, loving dog who has never growled or barked at another person or dog. She is great around other dogs and children and simply wants affection. If you are considering adopting a dog or cat please consider one from A.F.E.W. Our experience has been great. You can find a wonderful dog for a very affordable price with the money going to help other rescues. Thanks again for all you've done.

Scott, Christine, Lauren, Ian, and Kelsey Mac Donald



I just wanted to update you on Fonzie, the beautiful basset hound formerly known as Bobby whom we adopted from you on February 2, 2008. He is doing so well and has brought us bundles of joy and makes us laugh every day. We could not imagine our home without him. I was hoping that you could pass this on to the woman who was caring for him before us. Today is his first birthday! Hope that all is well on your end :)

Barb, Frank, and Fonzie Kane.



Leela is doing very well. She's on a good diet and gets brushed every day after I rub her down with a baby wipe. Her fur is growing out slowly and she looks adorable. Hope you are doing well.



We just wanted to thank you again for allowing us to adopt Maisy. She's the best dog we've ever had! She loves everyone, and they inevitably ask, "Where did you find such a great dog?" We tell them right away that she's adopted and that's the best way to go! She's become a regular at the boys' soccer games. She almost gets as much attention from the players (and parents) as the post-game snack. She's especially gentle with small children, and it's so great to see kids who would be otherwise afraid of dogs enjoy petting her. If they could put a team jersey on her, I think that they would!

We adopted Maisy from you last Good Friday. Since then, we've bought a house near some wooded trails in Bucks County. Maisy is the best hiking partner ever - she heels well, unless a squirrel shows up. Then she's off to the races and back once it's clear that she has no chance of catching the squirrel. I'm attaching some pictures from our recent hike in Tyler State Park. She's a joy each day and completes our family.

Thanks again to all of your dedicated volunteers who make stories like ours possible. We are forever grateful for Maisy...and for AFEW!



Zeus was adopted to our family on Aug 18, 2008 after we lost our beloved Max the previous spring. From the moment he arrived, he has lit up our home. He has the attitude of a Jack Russel, but with a much larger body. He can spring straight up in the air until he is nose to nose with you and then he'll pin you to the couch when he takes a seat in your lap! He LOVES to play: chase balls, jump through a hoop, and give paw for a treat. Zeus brought life to a home that was gloomy without the presence of man's best friend. We love him dearly and are very thankful to AFEW for rescuing him so that he could complete our family.

The Manwarings



Hunnie, or 'Peanut' as we now call her, is an eight-year-old boxer dog who we adopted on Mother's Day of this year from AFEW. Peanut is the first boxer that we have ever adopted from a local rescue. After losing our other senior boxer last year, we were ready to bring another dog into our home. We found Peanut on under Animal Friends For Education and Welfare's website and immediately inquired about her. When we came to visit with her at their Pet Adoption Day, our minds were made up within about fifteen minutes. We had to have her. After bringing her home with us, Peanut settled in very well. It was like she had always lived with us. We have had Peanut now for a little over six months. She's a senior dog, but you would never know it as happy and active she is. She goes just about everywhere with us and gets up every morning to go out to feed the horses. Like I said, she does everything with us including going for rides in the cart, pulled by our miniature horse Bubba, going for car rides, hiking in the local parks, and so much more. From our experience with Peanut, we will probably be adopting more dogs in the future from AFEW. Older dogs need homes too and are great animals. Just look at ours!




Maggie originally named Nora when she lived at the shelter, is doing so very well. She is the perfect family dog and her family certainly does love her. Maggie now lives the good life in Maryland!



I'm sure you don't remember, I adopted the black dog with white markings called Rhonda. (I'll attach a picture of her and it might remind you.) We live in Cinnaminson, NJ.

I just had to write you to tell you this story. You or rather the shelter found Maggie Mae (aka Rhonda) along with a yellow lab (That we were told when we picked up Maggie that the Hamilton police dept. adopted to make into a drug dog.) in a cemetery. We were told they had been there for quite a while in late Nov. and Dec in below zero temperatures and that some people had been feeding them. Well, guess husband is a contractor and was putting windows in a ladies home in Delanco, NJ, about 4 miles from our home in Cinnaminson. As they were talking about animals because she had a cat, my husband told her about Maggie and getting her from a shelter in north Jersey. She proceeded to tell him that she had taken her mother about two years ago to Holy Cross Cemetery to put flowers on her grandparents graves for Christmas. When they did they saw two dogs there - a yellow lab and a smaller black dog that the yellow lab was taking care of. They felt so bad they went to Burger King and bought them back Whoppers. She said they devoured the hamburgers; but the yellow lab made sure the little black dog ate before he ate his. Then they found a shelter and told the shelter about the dogs. The shelter was the shelter that we went and picked up Maggie. She described Maggie to a "T". All the way to her funny, slow walk because of her legs.

What do you think the chances are that we would find the person all the way in south Jersey that feed Maggie before we even got her. Isn't this a riot! I had to call her and thank her for what she did because it's so sad to thank of the dogs being so hungry.Here is Maggie's pictures to help you remember her. Thank you for reading this. I just thought you might find it interesting. - Neila Jayne

PS: Maggie is doing great! Spoiled, but still great!



Linda Spinner adopted Shane, a Black Labrador Retriever mix, who helped to heal her heart after the tragic loss of her dog, Shadow. These two are quite the pair, and the love Linda has for Shane is matched by Shane's love for her.



Penny is doing great! Saying that she loves to play ball is a huge understatement. She comes along on hiking trips (we just fitted her today for her own backpack and life vest) and likes to walk around the streets in Annapolis. I think she enjoys people watching as much as I do. We go down there and sit by the water --- she likes to watch the birds and ducks (and eat her peanut butter doggy ice-cream). She also likes to go for walks around the pond by my house. She's like my shadow! :) When I come home....she actually smiles. At first it was a little scary to see her lift her upper lip like that..scrunch her nose and show her front teeth. Now, I think its adorable. During thunderstorms, she sneaks upstairs to my bedroom like a scared little child and tries to get into bed with me. With such a sweet face, who can resist? I let her on my bed and she curls up close...even spoons. She's not satisfied unless she is laying against some part of my body. The only downfall to l etting her occasionally sleep with can't move her as easily as the cats....AND...she snores!!!!! :)

Penny is a wonderful dog. Everyone that meets her falls in love. She is very special! I'm including some pictures for you -- Penny has a busy summer planned with camping and travels so there will be plenty more photo ops.



I wanted to let you know what a WONDERFUL blessing our recently adopted Clifford (chi/pom mix pup) has become. We met Clifford October 27th & he seemed to fall in love with our granddaughter first - he tolerated my husband & I. He has since become a best friend to all of us, including the neighbor (she babysat Clifford for a couple of days & threatened to run away with him).

Clifford has been an incredible joy to us - he's affectionate, attentive, obedient & a little strong willed & very smart. Clifford became a little brother to 3 female Congo African Grays & a blue crown conure. The Grays quickly learned to call him by name & whistle - they sound exactly like my husband & I - Clifford seems to be able to tell the difference. When one of the parrots got out Clifford stood guard at the gate to their room & let us know. Now, if I could only tell the difference between Clifford barking & the parrots barking, I'd be happy. He's wonderful with children & hesitant with new adults. I don't think I could've found a better dog - anywhere.

So, to those that were willing to foster Clifford & post the ad for him - Thank You so much!

For those that had the vision to begin the refuge program & stick with it & recruit volunteers & foster homes - GREAT JOB! I'm sure there are times when your task must seem overwhelming, but, I hope you realize that you are making a difference.



BOSTONHere is some pictures of my beautiful Boston, We love him so much, he goes everywhere with us. He is so loveable my children adore him and my grandchildren. He loves to play and we do all the time with him. I don't cage him at all.

The first day we had him I did not cage him. I came home from work and he was as good as gold,even better than gold.

We are so proud to have him as our beautiful pet. It was meant to come from Pa. to New Jersey to take him home with us.

The cage door is always open to him, when he is tired he goes in and sleeps. He comes and goes as he pleases in the cage. I couldn't cage him. He sleeps with us now, he loves the bed. When he gets hot, he goes downstairs and sleeps.

Thank you for having him there when we came. We love him very much. Thank you again.



GINGERGinger is having an absolute blast. We brought Little Man home last night and traveled all the way to Asbury to get him -- not Asbury Park -- Asbury!! They both were so good on the ride home. I think they tuckered each other out!! I let them sleep on the loveseat in my office last night (with me by their side on the floor!!!) and they cuddled up with each other! It was so darling. I do believe our family is complete. I will send you pics of them interacting later today.

But for her update -- Ginger's a big sister!!! (And so acting the part beautifully!)


JACOBWe have had Jacob for just a week and already he has made a huge impact on our lives. First off, we don't have to invest in a alarm clock anymore. He wakes us up promptly at 7:30am for his daily walk. He has become our own personal trainer as well. Everyday this week we have been spending our days going on hikes, walking, playing, and exploring. However, Jacob's best attribute is his ability to make us smile. We wake up excited every morning knowing that we will be sharing another day with him. He has brought some much happiness in our lives. He is an absolute angel. We both want to thank you all for recognizing his potential and for giving him another chance. If it wasn't for the work that you do we would have never found our little prince. He has made our family so much more complete. Words really cannot express what you have given us. Thank you again!!



I just wanted to say (and MAzzy too : ) thank you so much for all of your help with the whole process. You have been amazingly responsive and helpful through out it all and we both thank you so much...well Mazzy more so : )

She is a fantastic dog with a super sweet, calm and well behaved personality! And I've already been asked by several people at Petco what kind of dog she is and everyone comments on her eyes!

You have helped make such a difference in her life and I am sure many other dogs would say the same! I am amazed at how dedicated you are even though you have been feeling under the weather.

Thank you for helping give me this opportunity to make such a difference in her life. It's a great feeling and an opportunity that brings so much meaning and joy to life!




Just wanted you to know that all is well with Holly Wood. We absolutely love her and believe she's happy as can be. She was a great hiker and a super swimmer, fetching sticks, balls, whatever we threw into the water.

Here's a photo at the top of Sabbutus Mt in Lovell, Maine (home of Stephen King, but he didn't come on the hike with us).

Hope all is well at AFEW.





Tim and Fiona arrived at my house two and a half years ago. I was mourning the loss of Abby, my Yorkshire Terrier who died in July. I found T and F with AFEW and was blessed to have been chosen to take them home. They were good in the car and good that night in their crates. They were a handful. Each was energetic and exuberant and neither had been trained too well. I contacted Jeff Dowling from Molly's Canine Academy . Because of Jeff's skill and the dogs sweet nature, they learned quickly. Now they are just so pleased with themselves when they obey commands. And they are crushed if they think they have not pleased us. Fiona has grown into a very playful, affectionate little dog. Tim is a sweet, loyal, creature who just wants to make us happy. When I go home, Fiona greets me by walking around on her hind legs and Tim by running around with a toy in his mouth. They are joyful, sweet, affectionate members of my entire extended family.




I thought I'd give you a quick update on Tiger - he's fine growing well (8lbs) and has been neutered and chipped. As you can imagine he is quite energetic (!) - he's devised a circuit of the house - tables, chairs etc which he particularly enjoys doing at top speed after his dinner! His current favorite things are the computer - from which he gets a good view of all that is going on and boxes. When he's sleepy he can also be quite cuddly......





We just wanted to drop you a quick note to give you an update on Bugsbee. We've had him for about 7 weeks now and he is doing Wonderful! In just this short period of time, we're not sure what we would do without him. He is a constant source of joy, love and entertainment!

We are extremely pleased with our decision to adopt an older cat. We would encourage anyone who may be evaluating adopting a cat, to strongly consider an adult cat. We really believe that they understand that they have been brought into a loving home, and that they will love you much more in return.

Bugsbee turned 6 years old on March 1st, and we celebrated the occasion with a little party, which was attended by all of his friends and admirers, which are many, because not only is he a very handsome boy, but quite a charmer!




Wanted to send a quick update on Prince and picture as well. Prince is doing great, he has been a true joy ever since we picked him up 3 weeks ago. He fit right into the family as if he has been here for years and he "knows" he is finally home. He has made a lot of friends in the neighborhood, and has frequent playdates to show off his talents.

His favorite pastimes are chasing deer, playing ball and following "mom" all over the place. He started to sing this week, whenever I sing to the babies he sings right along. It's quite adoring. I never thought I would love another dog as much as the one I recently lost due to illness, but Prince has shown me that although I can nver replace one, I can certainly love another.

Thank you so much for completing our family!




Toby is a great dog. From the moment we met her she was so friendly. We had to adopt her. We found her off of the internet on A.F.E.W. When we found her we had to go see her. She looked like a great dog. She is trained already and loves going out for walks.

Thank you!